AD campaign // Jeff Johnson For Patagonia

Let the materials shine in their own light. Don't fight them; let them do what they naturally want to do.

- Claire Chouinard Co-designer of the Truth to Materials collection


Patagonia: Truth to Materials

Patagonia launched the Truth To Materials concept line in 2014 to take an even deeper dive into craftsmanship and "responsible manufacturing." The purpose of this special, limited edition collection was to use the purest materials possible and to have those materials directly inform the product design and production. 

Assigned as principal photographer, Jeff visited factories in Italy and designers around the US to capture the process in its entirety and shoot to portraits. Near his home in Santa Barbara, California, Jeff spent a day on his friend’s ranch photographing the finished product put into use. The images appeared in Vogue magazine, assorted fashion blogs, as well as a in special edition, perfect bound, Patagonia catalog.

Project Overview:

Project: Truth to Materials
Project Type: Ad Campaign
RXR Photographer: Jeff Johnson
Scope: Print, PR, Catalog

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