Expedition // Adrian Ballinger & cory richards

A journey to the highest summit documented in real-time via Snapchat: #EverestNoFilter.




#EverestNoFilter is a groundbreaking feat of expedition journalism and an unfiltered account of what it takes to climb the world’s tallest peak without supplemental oxygen. For four months, Adrian Ballinger and Cory Richards chronicled their journey via Snapchat as a real time unpolished "Snap-umentary,” opening their lives to an broad international audience. Training, traveling and climbing, the team implemented new satellite technology to expose every detail—both the good and ugly—from a meet-up event in Boulder CO to the summit of Everest.

"We thought about different ways we could tell our story, maybe through blogs or Facebook or Instagram, and we liked Snapchat because it's very difficult to game it," said Adrian. "Everything you post has to be posted instantly. You can't edit the photos or videos. It's authentic; it's exactly what's happening to you in the moment. We thought it was a better way to tell the story of climbing Everest." 

Adrian and Cory’s authentic enthusiasm, frustration, exhaustion and humor played out spontaneously in daily installments that left viewers eager to see the next day’s progress. Their shared experience reverberated throughout both traditional and new media inspiring, educating, and entertaining a passionate fanbase.

Project Overview:

Project: Everest No Filter
Project Type: Expedition
Talent: Adrian Ballinger and Cory Richards
Agency: RXR Sports
PR: Maracaibo Media Group/Fifteen Minutes PR
Social Media Production: Coppr
Scope: Social
Sponsors: Eddie Bauer, Soylent, Strava, Snapchat, Dzi Foundation

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