ad campaign // Ashima Shiraishi and Lexi Dupont for Google Android Wear

What’s possible in a minute?


The Magic Minute Project

What’s possible in a minute? You can fall in love. Launch a rocket ship. Set a rap world record. Or, if you’re Ashima Shiraishi and Lexi duPont, you can set out to conquer some of the most challenging runs and climbs. 

Android Wear teamed up with Ashima and Lexi, as well as other makers and influencers, to launch The Magic Minute Project, a collection of one-minute films celebrating what time means to us all —told one #MagicMinute at a time. Each action-packed video explores what motivates people to find moments of pure freedom, the challenges involved, and how they use technology like Android Wear to accomplish their goals. 

Project Overview:

Project: The Magic Minute Project
Project Type: Ad Campaign
Agency: Stink Digital
Production: Big Picture Co. // Jon Mancuso
RXR Talent: Ashima Shiraishi // Lexi duPont
Scope: Social, Video

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