Ben Moon // Director + Photographer + Cinematographer

I'm continually inspired by human emotion and how we're in a constant state of growth and change.


Ben Moon


Ben Moon is a photographer turned filmmaker who has brought to life subjects and stories in the adventure, lifestyle and music world. Oregon-based, he uses the scenic backdrop of the Pacific Northwest as a jumping off point to capture the beauty and authenticity of individuals in diverse landscapes around the world. Ben's work has graced the pages of Patagonia catalogues for nearly 15 years. He is currently a Sony Artisan and also founded Moonhouse as a platform to collaborate with friends & creatives to bring thoughtful stories to life.

Most recently, he told his deeply personal story about his battle with cancer & the relationship with his dog Denali in a short film that reached over 11 million people and counting. Ben now lives in Hood River where he continues to direct & photograph while writing a personal memoir about his journey with cancer and his time with Denali.

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There's no easy way
to say goodbye to a friend.



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