ad campaign // Ashima Shiraishi for Nikon

People think these climbs are impossible for a teenage girl to do. But then again, I'm doing them.


Nikon KeyMission360°

To debut the unexpected power of their new 360° KeyMission action camera, Nikon turned to an unexpected powerhouse in the world of climbing: Ashima Shiraishi. 

Only a teenage girl from Manhattan, Ashima has already become a world-famous rock-climbing icon. Ashima traveled with her father/coach, “Poppo” Shiraishi to the southern coast of Thailand to explore the deep-water soloing that’s found on the iconic karst towers that jut out of the Andaman Sea and put the KeyMission cameras to the test. The result: a series of interactive videos as spectacular and unexpected as their star. 

Project Overview:

Project: Nikon: KeyMission
Project Type: Ad Campaign
Agency: K&L Inc
Production: Corey Rich Productions
RXR Talent: Ashima Shiraishi
Scope: VR, Video, Stills

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