Project Makalu // Adrian Ballinger & Emily Harrington

27.8892°N  -  87.0886°E 

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Project Makalu:

For team leader Adrian Ballinger, Makalu—the 5th tallest peak in the world at 8466m (27,776ft)—presented a uniquely beautiful and ambitious challenge in a rarely-traveled part of Nepal. In August 2015, the team of elite athletes—Adrian Ballinger, Emily Harrington, Hilaree O’Neill, and Jim Morrison—set out to test themselves as high altitude climbers in a post-earthquake Nepal. With the support of an advanced internet rig, the team was able to share every step of the journey through Instagram, tweets, an expedition microsite, Outside Online's dedicated expedition page, and even live-stream Periscope at 26,000 ft. 

Although weather and snow conditions denied their summit push, the expedition was an incredible show of both physical and mental strength and one of the first truly immersive Himalayan experiences for fans.

Project Overview:

Project: Makalu
Project Type: Expedition
Title Sponsors: Jaybird, The North Face
Media Sponsors: Outside Magazine
RXR Influencer: Adrian Ballinger, Emily Harrington
Scope: Digital, Social

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