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Chris Sharma



Chris has established himself as one of the most accomplished rock climbers of all time, with a diverse resume few, if any, can match. Long viewed as setting the standard of world-class climbing, his accomplishments include the first to establish climbing routes rated at 5.15a, 5.15b, and 5.15c, numerous first ascents, and pushing the style of deep water soloing to exciting new places. He currently lives on the island of Mallorca, where he establishes first ascents on the oceans overhanging cliffs like the epic Es Pontas route.

An experienced speaker having given talks all over the world, Chris leans into the strategies, mental tactics, and habits that have helped him both break new ground and sustain a world-class level of performance for nearly 20 years. Chris talks about the long road that led from a kid climbing in California to the top of his sport, and helps a diverse audience glean lessons from his storied career.

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