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Ben Moon

Photographer / Filmmaker


Ben is a master storyteller. A photographer, director and cinematographer, Ben constructs narratives around the natural world and those who make it their life mission to examine it. His work has graced the pages of Patagonia catalogues for nearly 15 years. He is currently a Sony Artisan and also founded Moonhouse as a platform to collaborate with friends & creatives to bring thoughtful stories to life. While typically the eye behind images gracing top publications, Ben generated national headlines with his short film “Denali”, which — 13 million views later—was praised by National Geographic, TODAY, The Daily Beast, Huffington Post, among others.

As a speaker, Ben leverages his portfolio of work to demonstrate his evolution as an artist, and discuss the techniques and inspirations that have helped him throughout his career. He can also lean into his own personal story and the perspective gained through his successful fight against cancer, as documented in the heartbreaking Denali.

"Denali" Film Screenings + Q&A
Photography Workshop

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