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REEL ROCK // Rock Climbing's premiere film tour 

Bringing you climbing’s biggest personalities and their mind-bending adventures in theaters, at home, and across the globe.



The REEL ROCK Film Tour brings the most exciting climbing and adventure films of the year to live audiences around the world.

With hundreds of screenings in more than 35 countries, REEL ROCK has quickly grown into the world’s premier climbing event and boasts a global audience of over 100,000 participants. REEL ROCK shows are festive experiences, featuring thrilling action films, gear giveaways, appearances by filmmakers and athletes, sponsor booths, and fundraising for local and national non-profit organizations. 

At the center of one of the world’s fastest-growing sports, REEL Rock provides an unparalleled connection to a loyal audience of millions—an audience that spans several key demos. Through their signature tour, Video Downloads/ DVD, TV and Online presence, REEL ROCK employs multiple media platforms to excite, inspire, and connect authentically with the expanding climbing community.


REEL ROCK 11 Trailer