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Cristina Mittermeier


Cristina was born in Mexico City in 1966 and grew up in nearby Cuernavaca, in the sunny state of Morelos. She is a photographer and marine biologist who for the past 25 years has been working as a writer, conservationist and photographer. In 2005 she founded the prestigious International League of Conservation Photographers (ILCP) to provide a platform for photographers working on environmental issues.

In 2010 Cristina was awarded the Mission Award from the North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA) and the Smithsonian Conservation Photographer of the Year Award.  In 2016 she received the Imaging Award for Photographers who Give Back.  She is a member of the World Photographic Academy. Cristina is a Sony Artisan of Imagery, and was recently recognized as one of the World’s top 40 Most Influential Outdoor Photographers by Outdoor Magazine.

In 2015 Cristina co-founded SeaLegacy, a non profit dedicated to protecting the ocean, with her partner, Canadian photographer Paul Nicklen.  The couple lives in Nanoose Bay, on Vancouver Island. She has three adult children, John, Michael and Juliana; all of whom are passionate about nature.

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I want to use beautiful imagery to pull people into issues that affect us all but which we are not always aware of.

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I always ask myself  "can my images have a real impact?"

what it takes to make great conservation imagery


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