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A team of storytellers, risk takers, elite athletes & influencers.


RXR Sports is a team of storytellers, risk takers, elite athletes and influencers. Though their paths vary, our clients represent a collection of pioneering spirits. They lead through their inability to be defined and craft their own legacies out of a drive to defy expectations rather than to collect laurels.

With these principles at heart, RXR Sports has designed our core services to reflect the individual needs of our talent, all the while delivering the highest level of service. Our approach is holistic and understands the cyclical nature of a career. We in turn place the best tools at our clients' disposal to reach their goals and tell their stories in unexpected ways.


Conrad Anker, Adrian Ballinger, Jimmy Chin, Lexi duPont, Emily Harrington, Alex Honnold, Jeff Johnson, Tim Johnson, Scott Jurek, Ben Moon, Chris Sharma, Ashima Shiraishi


The REEL ROCK Film Tour

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Brand partnerships, speaking engagements, content creation, press + media inquiries